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We would like to know what activities your company has in the aquaculture industry. This to secure a broad coverage of expertise on every work flow. 

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The sensor project is divided into workflows, each with its dedicated tasks concerning the development of the sensor standard. This list is how the project team currently view the situation, but changes to the structure of the project can occur. We ask you to register yourself to the workflows you find most interesting for your company. When registered you will be considered to participate in reference groups in the project, for each workflow individually.

It is always possible to apply to add yourself to any workflow in most circumstances, even after project startup.

It should be noted, that if there are too many interested parties for a workflow, a core group will be formed that is invited to physical meetings for discussion. The rest of the interested parties can participate through e-mail and meetings with project team when deemed necessary.

All documentation produced by any workflow is always available to anyone, inside or outside the project, either through automatic updates from our communication platform, or by request.

Read about the different workflows here

Note: The project management will at their own discretion create new workflow teams, change current ones or dissolve them, if whenever necessary.

Workflows interested in:

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